General Terms


Should Soli or any of its associates be at fault for improperly executing services, the client will not be obligated to pay for any service hours already performed until any necessary corrections or changes are made. Any service hours completed to make corrections or changes will not be billable.


Soli is happy to accommodate requested modifications and changes to meet our client’s standards. Any requested changes that fall within the estimated total time frame (as per the client’s service agreement) will be performed without additional charge. Any changes that cause the project (in total) to exceed the estimated time frame are subject to additional billable service hours that will be agreed upon by both parties prior to being completed.


Soli is not responsible for any misinformation, withheld details, or lack of communication from the client which might hinder or delay our services. In such event, the client is responsible to pay for any service hours already performed or any additional hours needed to make changes or additions as a result.


Billable hours are determined by rounding up to the nearest quarter hour of total services performed. All services might be subject to additional billable travel hours depending on the service request. In such case, these hours will be agreed upon prior to services being performed.


Projects or services that require more than 8 hours of work in a single day or more than 40 hours in a single week are subject to additional terms which will be agreed upon prior to services being performed. Soli and its associates maintain the right to decline  to work when service hours exceed these limits without prior negotiation or when agreed upon terms are not met.   


In any event that services are not paid for, Soli has the right to withhold ownership of incidental materials, documents, or any items made as a result of our services. Soli also has the right to deny future services in such event.


Tasks & Errands


Task & Errand services are subject to train delays, weather conditions, and other forces beyond control which might hinder or delay services. The client will be charged for the total time needed to complete the task or errand under any and all conditions.


The hourly minimum for Task & Errand services is one hour, meaning that at least one billable hour will be charged for any task. Multiple service requests made within a 24-hour period (or at Soli's discretion) can be combined to meet this minimum


Billable Travel Hours: The total billable hours for services that require travel (ie: pick ups/drop offs) will include 

(A) travel to task or pickup destination + (B) time to complete task and/or dropoff + (C) return travel to the original point of departure. 


Soli associates can complete any task or errand within access of the New York City MTA without any additional transportation fees. Any task that might require the use of a car or taxi service are permissible so long as the client agrees to pay for the additional expenses. In some cases, Soli will request that these additional expenses be paid for in advance.


One-Time Services


One-Time services include projects that are performed in one singular instance and are not performed on a regular basis.


The hourly minimum for One-Time services is one hour, meaning that at least one billable hour will be charged for any single service or project in totality. Multiple service requests made within a 24-hour period (or at Soli's discretion) can be combined to meet this minimum. 


One-time services might be subject to billable travel hours which will be negotiated prior to being initiated.


Payment is due immediately after One-Time services are completed and the invoice is received by the client.


Short-Term Services


Short-Term services are contracted for specific periods of time and may involve multiple types of services for a larger project (ie: fundraising event or temporary role).


For these services, payment is due immediately after a service is completed or every two weeks, whichever comes first or is agreed upon.


Long-Term Services


Long term services are contracted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for an indefinite amount of time.


The hourly minimum for Long-Term services is one hour per billable cycle (2 weeks for weekly services, monthly for monthly services), meaning that at least one billable hour will be charged for any services performed within the billable cycle.


Payment is due every two weeks except in the case of monthly services which are due monthly.


Urgent or Expedited Services


Urgent or Expedited Services are any services requested with less than 12 hours notice prior to a hard deadline and are subject to additional fees determined by Soli. There is no guarantee that Soli will be able to engage in Urgent or Expedited Services due to short notice and/or personnel or time constraints.  




Some services may require additional expenses which the client will be responsible for. These include any expenses necessary to get the job done and will typically be communicated to the client prior to services being performed. This may include but is not limited to cab fare, cost of materials, cost of outside labor, etc.


Soli reserves the right to request advanced payment for any planned expenses prior to performing services.


The client will be responsible for any incidental or unplanned expenses that are incurred as a result of miscommunication, negligence, or lack of judgement on the part of the client.


Sexual Harassment


Soli is a proud supporter of the "We Have Voice" Code of Conduct to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who violates these terms to guarantee a safe environment for all of our associates regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, origination, or religious beliefs. We hope you share the aims of this initiative and join the collective of artists today!