Soli was created to enable performing artists to do what they do best - perform.

Too often, artists find themselves spending much of their energy on the behind-the-scenes work that takes away from their creative passions. We're here to take that burden from you and give you the time and energy you need to focus on your craft. 


All of our associates are artistic professionals who know exactly how hard you work to make it in the business. We specialize in administrative and task-related work and are available to take on short-term, long-haul, and one-off projects for individuals, ensembles, and arts organizations. Whether it's helping you organize your receipts for tax season or doing some prospective grant research for your new ensemble project - we're up for the challenge. Need some help covering your social media accounts or planning your upcoming album tour? We've got you covered. 


We're also driven to keep our services affordable by eliminating the middle-man. Our services are available at the flat rate of $24/hour, which keeps your rate low while still guaranteeing high-quality, customized service. So next time you find yourself in a bind, there's a team of qualified people ready to help in a moment's notice at a more reasonable price than any mainstream task service. 

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Our Team

Our team consists of experienced administrative professionals in the NYC metropolitan area who have worked extensively in the performing arts and the nonprofit sector.

We have collective expertise in development, production, personal assistance, marketing, public relations, special events, corporate sponsorship, and information technology. Every associate is an active performing artist, making Soli the ideal choice when it comes to having intimate, hands-on knowledge of the arts industry.  Above all, we are committed to providing the best services possible to our clients.